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Crowdsourcing with Linechecker

Linechecker is designed to collect, analyze and distribute, on field, real time data about waiting lines. With help of our dedicated users, street teams and powerful prediction mechanism, Linechecker battles the way of reducing over 30 billion hours spent in waiting lines across the US. Each day, we analyze on field data and feed it into our iOS app so our user can plan their time more efficiently.

How does it work ?

Every Linechecker user has the ability to provide quick, anonymous rating of the current waiting line state for particular venue. After the data is received, system updates the waiting line information and broadcast it back to all other Linechecker users. That way, each user can help the system provide better and accurate information for every venue throughout the entire day.

How to crowdsource?

It's quite simple! After you've downloaded Linechecker app, be sure you're physically located near the venue of your choice. Once you navigate to the profile screen, you'll see 3 different badges. Green, Yellow and Red - corresponding to total number  of people standing in the line.

Just click the corresponding badge with the your estimate of how much persons are standing in the line already.


And that's it - you've just anonymously crowdsourced the waiting line info to everyone else on Linechecker app.


I don't see any venues nearby

We're sorry to hear that 😔

Maintaining thousands of venues across the country may be tricky sometimes. We're adding more venues each day, and we're probably soon to arrive at your place.

Why don't you let us know ?

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